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Episode 233: More Amazing Race!

More Amazing Race quizzes, how will Evan fare this time? We have a Patreon! Support the show at http://patreon.com/outwitoutpodoutcast! Album Art by Dominique Whitney: http;//dominoka.tumblr.com RetroFuture Clean – Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons:... Read More
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Episode 231: EoE Finale

We talk a very little about our exhaustion with EoE and its outcome, then attempt to move on to cheerier topics. Also we talk about a leaked S40 cast list that it turns out IS... Read More
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Episode 230: EoE Episode 12

We talk a bit about survivor broadly, Episode 3 of the Amazing Race by quiz, then after a very obvious spoiler warning break talk far too much about Avengers Endgame. We have a Patreon! Support... Read More
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Episode 229: EoE Episode 11

It was a great week for a vactation, two nice and simple episodes – plus Evan proves how smart they are in an epic Amazing Race quiz! We have a Patreon! Support the show at... Read More
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Patreon Preview – Escape Room

Rena and I record a special Patreon-exclusive podcast about the 2019 movie Escape Room! Full podcast is for patrons only at https://patreon.com/outwitoutpodoutcast but here’s a little sample! Read More

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