Evan and Rena decide to get drunk and watch a “Classic holiday movie”, but there is more going on than it seems!

Evan and Rena talk for a record setting 3 hours about the finale of Survivor: Cambodia: Second Chance, the season as a whole, the winner, Jeremy Collins and all of the other final 6.

Evan and Rena go on a journey – a journey through many topics including Twinnies on Amazing Race, whether Abi-Maria got a fair shake, wee, and panda defecation. It’s all over the map, but we also have some of our most- on-point coverage of the season.

Evan and Rena talk way too long about Episode 12 of Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance, and go on some tangents about portrayal of women, Survivor Hall of Fame and the possibility of more Heroes vs. Villains.