Evan and Rena break down Aubry Bracco’s complicated decision in the most recent episode of Survivor: Kaoh Rong resulting in the vote out of Peter Baggenstos. Also, Evan would like to point out that he is winning his work March Madness league, thank you very much.

Evan and Rena get a little drinky and talk about the latest boot from Survivor Kaoh Rong, Anna Khait; and talk about what is going on with Aubry Bracco’s shorts.

Evan and Rena talk about the 4th episode of Survivor: Kaoh Rong, including the evacuation of “Beast Mode Cowbow” Caleb Reynolds and the vote off of Alecia Holden.

Rena attempts to console Evan after the loss of his #1 draft pick, Liz Markham, from Survivor: Kaoh Rong.