Evan & Rena talk about Episode 11 of Survivor: Kaoh Rong and the vote out of Julia Sokolowski! And this week we have new theme music!

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Evan and Rena go deep talking about Tai Trang and his big move in the 10th Episode of Survivor: Kaoh Rong; We also gush over the gameplay of Aubry Bracco and “mourn” the loss of Scot Pollard.

Evan and Rena discuss the big moves in Episode 9 of Survivor Season 32 Kaoh Rong, resulting in the boot of Debbie Wanner! Great, contentious, in-depth discussion all around!

Evan and Rena break down the rumored finalists for the Survivor Season 34 returnee cast.

Cast list discussed within was provided by @RedmondSurvivor on his website: http://insidesurvivor.com/rumored-survivor-season-34-cast-11495

Note: when recording this podcast, we accidentally neglected to talk about Sarah Lacina from Cagayan. I, for one, am interested to see her again, she had such an interesting and unique departure I would love to see what she took away from that and how it might affect how she played a second time.

Evan and Rena discuss episode 8 of Survivor: Kaoh Rong Season 31, including the vote off of Nick Maiorano!