Evan and Rena interview special guest Teresa “T-Bird” Cooper about Africa and Survivor: Second Chance! Among other things, she talks about the Tyler Perry Idol and gives Evan a birthday surprise!

Jeff Varner talks Survivor: Second Chance and gives exclusive insight into his time in Australia, including the events that followed Skupin’s evacuation and practical jokes he played on the women!

Evan and Rena invite special guest Kelley Wentworth onto the podcast to discuss her time on Survivor: San Juan Del Sur and her Second Chance to get on Survivor Season 31!

Evan and Rena talk AT LENGTH about their opinions regarding the Season 31 voting pool.

Evan and Rena talk briefly about Survivor Season 31: Second Chance before diving into the nitty gritty of the latest episode of Survivor Season 30: Worlds Apart.

Evan and Rena break down what is possibly the craziest Tribal Council in Survivor history, as well as all the other strategy going on in the most recent episode of Survivor:Worlds Apart. We also pour one out for Shirin, the most recent castaway to leave the game.