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  1. Tyler says:

    Do you guys remember anyone? I don’t understand the point of a Survivor podcast going through these people if neither of you remember them. You seem to have forgotten around half.

    • admin says:

      Rena and I are both in the process of rewatching all the old seasons and reacquainting ourselves; especially if Season 31 winds up being returnees, we’ll want to have a fresh memory of their original games. 30 seasons is a lot to get through though, and we’re not quite there yet. There’s still some seasons I’ve only seen once, 10+ years ago when they aired, so some of my memories are a bit foggy. I think we’re at around 3/4, but we know there are some blind spots.

      There’s a lot of people we do remember, and those who we do remember we are very excited about. We are VERY excited for season 31, and by the time we start doing episode recaps for it in the fall, I assure you we’ll have done our homework


  2. Steve says:

    Nice Podcast…

    Ill give my ranks for the guys and girls

    1. terry
    2. stephen
    3. spencer
    4. Greg
    5. Shane
    6. Jeff
    7. Hayden
    8. Vytus
    9. Jeremy
    10. Jim
    11. Andrew
    12. Troyzan
    13. Keith
    14. cliff
    15. john
    16. woo
    17. brad


    1. ciera
    2. kelly
    3. kass
    4. teresa
    5. Peih Gee
    6. Tasha
    7. Abi
    8. Chelsea
    9. Kelley
    10. Kimmi
    11. Jtia
    12. Mikeyla
    13. NatTen
    14. Sabrina
    15. Angie
    16. stephenie
    17. Monica

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