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  1. Scott Olson says:

    Very helpful, thanks Rena and Evan! You gave me a lot to think about when considering my votes. I’m definitely with Evan on the “Second Chance” criterion – especially for people ousted by unfair “twists” rather than game play. For that reason, I’m really high on Peih-Gee. (We just did a rewatch of China.) She was on the wrong side of numbers because of stupid tribe-swap twists. Despite this, she managed to stay to #5, outlasting every member of the other tribe except Todd and Amanda’s day-3 alliance of four. I’m excited now to see how much she wants another shot at playing. I think she’ll be fun to watch. Also, Rena – Given her academic background, Peih-Gee may qualify as one of those female nerds you seem to be pining for.

  2. admin says:

    Between this and Rob’s interview, I’m in on Peih-Gee now. Monica Padilla, too.

  3. Rena McNeal says:

    A China rewatch may be coming soon for me…I did listen to Peih-Gee’s RHAP interview and have been watching her on Twitter, and I’m on team Peih-Gee now too. I think she may have the strategic/social mix that can help her do well.

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