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  1. TiminSoCal says:

    Hi guys, I really enjoy your podcast – and if I’m lucky this is the first “real” comment to an episode (unlike the comments you read in the latest podcast!). I discovered your podcast during the World’s Apart season and have been enjoying your cheery banter after each episod.
    It’s been a great season so far. – one interesting thing is that you both seemed to think Tasha has fairly little chance to win (a long shot). A different podcase (I think the Snakes, Rats, and Goats podcast) seemed to feel that Tasha was in the best position before the final 7 episode. Any thoughts on that? Of course by the time you can reply to this we will know what actually happened – so we should have a better idea of where Tasha is going.
    Keep up the good work! – Tim

    • admin says:

      Here’s my thought process behind Tasha being a long shot to win. Two main drivers:

      1) I think this season is going to have a jury that will reward the movers. Tasha’s strategy thus far largely seems to be teaming up with bigger threats (Savage & Jeremy) and going with the plan. She hasn’t really been shown as the strategic driver of that alliance. Right now she’s in a pretty good spot, swing vote at 7 potentially, but if she makes it to FTC, she’ll need to be able to make her case that she played the best game, and as of right now, she doesn’t really have the big resume items to point to. I think her biggest move is forcing Kass out at the merge?

      She could definitely go on a Natalie Anderson-esque run to close out the game, but i think if she wins it will largely be on moves we haven’t seen yet. I don’t think this jury will reward coasting.

      2) The other reason i think Tasha is a long shot has to do with the edit she’s been getting, and it is definitely dangerous to read too much into the edit but i think there can be some value there. I think if Tasha were trending toward a win, she would be portrayed differently. She hasn’t gotten a ton of screen time, and a lot of what she has gotten hasn’t been particularly strategic or personable. She’s been shown actually kind of negatively in some of her conflicts, both back on Angkor and with Kass/Ciera at the merge. It’s not impossible, but I think if she were to be the winner she would be shown more and would have been shown more positively. I think she had a much better edit in Cagayan, for example.

      There is a large amount of personal bias that can come up when analyzing the edit, Kelley is probably not getting as positive an edit as I feel she is, so maybe the inverse is true for Tasha.

      So that’s the reasoning in my brain at least for why I think Tasha is a long shot, but I’m very excited to see how this week’s episode shakes out!

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