Episode 54: Second Chance Episode 13 Discussion

Evan and Rena go on a journey – a journey through many topics including Twinnies on Amazing Race, whether Abi-Maria got a fair shake, wee, and panda defecation. It’s all over the map, but we also have some of our most- on-point coverage of the season.

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2 Responses

  1. TiminSoCal says:

    Hi Rena and Evan, thanks for the shout out in your latest podcast. So I’m leaving you another comment. Rena made a comment during the latest podcast about Abi needing to become more mature and maybe when she reaches 35 she’ll have more perspective. You do realize that she’s already 36 years old don’t you? She looks good for her age, but she’s already “mature” in terms of what Rena was saying!

  2. Rena McNeal says:

    Ha! I guess I knew her age at some point but had forgotten. In that case, I take it all back! Or just change “is 35” to “acts like a 35-year-old.”

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