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  1. TiminSoCal says:

    Hi Evan and Rena. A few random comments:
    – Even though I’m doing poorly in the pool, I’m still beating Evan!
    – I wonder if the editors consciously approach and vary the editing of different seasons with a strategy, such as “this season let’s build up random people who have no chance, then make them look like idiots later in the show” or “let’s hide the winner with hardly any coverage until the merge then build a rapid growth to excellence arc”, etc.?
    – My comments may not be fully coherent but they certainly beat a few of your other recent comments on the website.
    – You’ve noted that Phil in the Amazing Race has been in some of the actual race and attributed it to a timing problem. Actually for a couple of seasons now they’ve ween weaving Phil more into “on race” takes. I’m sure that creates some additional challenges on race choreography to ensure Phil is at the finish mat before the first racers.
    – Still enjoying both your banter. You need to market the podcast more to get your listenership up from fours to fives — or even tens!

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