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  1. Muk Yok (Kraken in Cambodian) says:

    Every time I hear Evan say “: Evacuation Island” I hear “Colon Evacuation Island” which is very different but not necessarily untrue. #giardia

  2. Jon says:

    Love the show.
    But after seeing Rena’s Tweets I have a few thoughts:
    I believe voting out Debbie for Cyd and Aubry was the best possible move once they stop trusting Julia.
    Debbie wants a 3 -3 -3 split on Scott and Tai all indications if that went down were that Julia flips and Cyd is voted out 4-3-2. I have to assume the Julia was not going to vote Scott, Tai or Jason at all from how she was acting in the episode. Basically Cyd and Aubry were between a rock and a hard place.

    Hopefully Aubry can pull Tai back from the darkside next week. Interested to here your guys ideas on what they should have done and what there going to do.

    P.S. Its sure nice up here at the top of the standings. I thought Debbie was going to get the Super idol blowback so not how i intended but points are points.

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