Episode 79: Big Brother 1, Zootopia & Fashion

Evan and Rena kick off the offseason with a Survivor Question of the Week, talk of Big Brother Season 1, and some bonus chat about Zootopia birds.

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  1. Ryan says:

    First, let me preface this with you probably don’t need to read this entire comment on air. I will place a summary at the end if you must read something. Now I shall proceed with some Big Brother Knowledge.

    Big Brother 1 was a very poor attempt to recreate the magic of many of the international Big Brother shows on which it is originally based. Big Brother UK is its most natural counterpart as we tend to take a UK show and “Americanize” it. The major issue with taking something like Big Brother UK which is largely audience based and translating it into something the US can sell is the difference in our broadcast regulations and restrictions. In short, the FCC would have a field day with even the tamest incidents on BBUK. Another thing to look at between the US and UK versions is that in the US (especially in 2000) it is unlikely that broadcasts encouraged taunting and heckling of the housemates. This has always been a very big part of the UK edition.

    Some examples, CBS is heavily censored because it is a broadcast network channel, so nothing too risque is going to be shown (again, especially in 2000), whereas literally the most current season of BBUK we have already seen both male and female nudity, as well as some very sexually suggestive activities, and this stuff would never ever make it to air in the US.

    What makes it so great (but takes entirely too much time to watch), is that BBUK airs most nights of the week and Big Brother will do things to psychologically mess with the housemates if it is getting a bit stale. There is also a variety of secret tasks, shopping tasks, and other activities that stir up drama and move plot points forward. Nominations can be made a variety of ways and the general public get to vote on who to evict. On live eviction nights, the houseguest get an audio feed to hear the crowd where they will chant against a housemate, for example, if Evan was a villain or heavily disliked, you could expect “GET EVAN OUT, GET EVAN OUT” to be heard. As Americans we go “that’s horrible!” but it’s actually amazing TV. The crowd will also boo/cheer as housemates are named for that current eviction. This elevates the excitement and the intensity of everything. Once a housemate is evicted, the get to do a grand walk to a walkout song, get their photo taken, face the cheering/booing crowd, it’s fantastic.

    None of this would ever happen in the US, in fact when housemates get booed (which rarely happens, regardless of how awful public opinion is of them), they are only facing a very small studio audience for a few minutes. The FCC plus how they tried to implement the first season being so closed off and within a studio basically destroyed this voyeuristic experience to the show. Luckily BBUS made it more American and added more competitive elements to create the summer craze today.

    I definitely recommend trying to watch a series of BBUK if ever permitted to see the difference. The entire thing is done so well from the Main Show to the Bit on the Side (which is like an after show), and the presenters are a ton of fun. Emma Willis is mint, and she’s not even the original presenter.

    In summary, BB1 is a failed attempt at creating what magic BBUK was able to capture. In response, CBS basically added a competitive or sports like aspect to their version and an entirely new game was created. Like with measurements, driving, and pretty much everything else the US created our own version that looks nothing like most of the international counterparts. Also, I loved Zootopia and that damn song gets stuck in my head all the time. As always, great show guys!

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